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            Tag Archives: Texas

            Texas: Ebola for Some, Abortions for Others!

            Abortion Restrictions Texas

            While some Texans are busy fearing an Ebola outbreak, others are out celebrating/cursing the which has blocked vital components of the strict antiabortion laws enacted in Texas last year by Gov. Rick Perry.

            The Texas law, which Rick Perry and his fellow Lone Star conservatives say is designed to protect women’s health, required all abortion clinics in the state be “ambulatory surgical centers,” regulated under the same standards as hospitals and forced doctors performing abortions to first obtain admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. The new restrictions effectively shut down all but eight abortion clinics throughout the state – which are all clustered in metropolitan regions in the eastern part of Texas. And by abortion clinics, I mean family planning clinics, which provide a multitude of services to women who otherwise cannot afford them, of which abortions are only one part.

            But now, in a 6-3 ruling (Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito opposed, obvs), the Supreme Court has ordered Texas not to enforce parts the law – at least until more appeals can be filed on the larger questions of the Texas law’s constitutionality. The Supreme Court blocked the surgical-center requirement entirely and the admitting-privileges requirement as it applied to clinics in McAllen and El Paso.

            “The U.S. Supreme Court gave Texas women a tremendous victory today,” said Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights. “Tomorrow, 13 clinics across the state will be allowed to reopen and provide women with safe and legal abortion care in their own communities.”

            “This fight against Texas’ sham abortion law is not over. HB2 was designed to gut the constitutional protections of Roe v. Wade and half of the state’s clinics remain closed,” she added.

            “We’re seeing the terrible impact these restrictions have on thousands of Texas women who effectively no longer have access to safe and legal abortion,” said Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “We’re relieved that the court stepped in to stop this, and we hope this dangerous law is ultimately overturned completely.”

            Although it’s only temporary, Tuesday’s ruling could lead to access by the millions of women unable to reach the major cities where the few remaining facilities are still open.

            But the court’s ruling won’t stop Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, a Republican who is the favorite in next month’s governor’s race, from defending Rick Perry’s restrictive abortion bill to the death – because it’s not like there are more pressing medical crises happening in Texas right now…

            Time to Panic: First Ebola Patient in U.S. Identified

            Rick Perry Ebola

            The first case of Ebola inside the United States has been discovered in Dallas, Texas.

            The patient, a 40 year-old Liberian man visiting the Dallas area named Thomas Eric Duncan, is currently being held in isolation at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Duncan had direct contact with a woman infected with Ebola in Monrovia, Liberia four days before he left for the U.S. to visit family members.

            Duncan is the first person to develop symptoms outside of Africa during the current epidemic that has officially killed more than 3,000 people. But will he be the last? Not if the number of schoolchildren he came in contact with are any indication…

            Health officials are closely monitoring more than a dozen people who had close contact with the country体彩手机在线怎么下载’s first Ebola victim – including five schoolchildren and three members of the ambulance crew that took him to the hospital. Officials say they are just taking precautions and none of the people who came into contact with Duncan when he was experiencing active symptoms have shown signs in being infected. Yet…

            But Americans have nothing to fear, Texas Governor Rick Perry is on the job! Yes, the man who can’t remember and believes socialized health care is the root of all evil will be tackling the Ebola crisis head on.

            “This case is serious, but rest assured that our system is working as it should,” Rick Perry said. “There are few places in the world better-equipped to meet the challenge this patient poses. The public should have every confidence.”

            Although hospital officials did acknowledge that the emergency room staff mistakenly sent Duncan 体彩手机在线怎么下载 with antibiotics when he initially sought treatment a week ago even though he told them he had recently arrived from Africa… so maybe the public shouldn’t have every confidence, just some confidence.

            FBI Nabs Texas Man Responsible for White Powder Hoax: “Al Qaeda back! Special thing for you…”

            White Powder Hoax

            The FBI has in connection with hundreds of letters filled with mysterious white powder mailed to various government offices, hotels, and daycare centers across the U.S. over the course of six years.

            According to the criminal complaint, Hong Minh Truong, 66, has sent more than 500 hoax letters since December 2008.

            “We believe Hong Minh Truong is responsible for the hundreds of letters sent to locations worldwide, including U.S. government offices, aerospace companies, schools, daycares, and recently, hotels in the vicinity of Super Bowl XLVIII,” said Dallas FBI special agent in charge Diego Rodriguez in a written statement.

            Most of the letters contained a white powder, which in each case was later found to be non-toxic, accompanied by some threatening and bizarre messages.

            One letter, sent on May 7, 2012, read:

            Al Qaeda back! Special thing for you

            What the hell where are you, Scooby Doo, Counter Intelligence, CIA, you

            do not know how to catch the triple dealer spy in your law enforcement.

            What the hell where are you, Scooby Doo, Internal Affairs, FBI, you don’t

            know how to arrest the bad cop in your law enforcement.

            You all flaming idiot, ignorant and arrogant, know nothing! How to protect

            this country体彩手机在线怎么下载! U.S.A

            We are Al Qaeda, U.B.L FBI, Al Qaeda, SS Nazi FBI, working in your

            agency. We claim everything.

            Al Qaeda back? Special thing for you? If you didn’t read this using a thick Asian accent, you read it wrong.

            But despite the note clearly being written by a deranged Asian man and NOT an al Qaeda operative, the Mi Escuelita Preschool in Dallas was evacuated and Hazmat teams were employed to safely contain the letter and its contents.

            Other white powder letters to “Hijack airplane from Love Field airport…to hit NASA center or Empire Building” and “Chop, slice, dice and mash body of leeches and put them in food store, let people eat.” Huh.

            “While it was determined that the mailings did not contain toxins or poisons, each incident required a field screening of the letter’s contents, which cost taxpayer dollars and diverted first responder resources,” Rodriguez said.

            Truong was ordered to remain in federal custody. If convicted, Truong faces a $250,000 fine and up to five years in federal prison where he can spend his time wondering where the hell Scooby Doo is.

            Got an Immigrant Problem? Just Dump Them at a Bus Stop!

            Migrants, consisting of mostly women and children, disembark from a U.S. ICE bus at a Greyhound bus station in Phoenix

            Hundreds of undocumented migrants nabbed by the border patrol in Texas have been flown to Arizona and dumped at Greyhound Bus stations in Tucson and Phoenix in the last month. Well, that’s one way to solve temporarily fix ignore America’s immigration problem…

            Texas is quickly replacing Arizona as the busiest sector for illegal border crossings but the Lone Star state doesn’t have the resources to deal with the recent immigrant influx.

            “Because of the recent surge of Central Americans, unaccompanied juveniles, and family groups in south Texas, the border patrol is running out of processing space,” , a Border Patrol spokesman.

            Solution? Drop ‘em off at a bus stop and let Arizona deal with the problem.

            Since Arizona has been illegal immigrant central for the past few years, “the government expended a lot of resources to this area to include detention facilities or processing facilities,” adds Adame.

            Critics of the Arizona bus stop drops accuse the federal government of releasing immigrants into the wild without providing enough basic necessities such as food and water on days that hover around 100 degrees F.

            In a letter to President Obama, Arizona governor Jan Brewer called the situation “another disturbing example of a deliberate failure to enforce border security policies and repair a broken immigration system.”

            Bob Dain, a spokesman for the American Federation for Immigration Reform, agrees.

            “Things have gotten out of hand, Congress needs to step up to the plate and compel this president to start enforcing the law,” he said, blasting the Obama administration. “Otherwise you’ve got more and more surges of people coming in, overwhelming the system, and we’ve got a bureaucratic inability to process them.”

            Despite having more resources than Texas, Arizona is having a tough time handling the immigrant influx, which has been partially fueled by a rumor running through Central America that parents with children would be allowed to stay in the United States indefinitely. Over the weekend, at least, mainly from Central America, who crossed illegally into the United States through Texas were taken to an overrun makeshift emergency shelter in Arizona. I guess the only solution is… a bus stop in New Mexico?

            Turns out Burritos and Assault Rifles Don’t Mix

            Burritos and Assault Rifles

            Gun-rights activists have shot themselves in the foot again after a gun rally scared Chipotle customers, causing the retail chain to declare assault rifles unwelcome.

            Over the weekend gun-rights activists affiliated with Open Carry Texas , scaring the crap out of some customers.

            Chipotle Guns

            So on Monday, the burrito chain issued a asking customers who aren’t police officers to leave their weapons at 体彩手机在线怎么下载 because “the display of firearms in our restaurants has now created an environment that is potentially intimidating or uncomfortable for many of our customers.”

            But not wanting to strain relations with their gun-loving burrito buyers, the company played it safe by also giving a nod to pro-gun advocates, saying that there are “strong arguments” on both sides of the gun rights issue and that the decision is not an outright ban (which would likely be impossible to enforce) but simply a request.

            “The vast majority of gun owners are responsible citizens and we appreciate them honoring this request,” the statement continued. “And we hope that our customers who oppose the carrying of guns in public agree with us that it is the role of elected officials and the legislative process to set policy in this area, not the role of businesses like Chipotle.”

            Chipotle customers aren’t the first to be terrified of gun-weilding rednecks. Earlier this month, Open Carry Texas demonstrators showed up unannounced at a Jack in the Box restaurant in Ft. Worth without notifying police in advance and without carrying signs indicating that it was meant as a political statement.

            “Officers spoke with Jack-in-the-Box employees who reported that they feared for their lives and believed they were being robbed. They locked themselves inside a freezer for protection out of fear the rifle-carrying men would rob them,” , quoting a statement from the Fort Worth Police Department.

            And in an open letter last year, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz asked customers not to bring guns to their local Starbucks. The announcement was in response to a series of gun groups’ decision to hold “Starbucks Appreciation Days,” in which members were encouraged to openly carry weapons at the popular coffee shops – including one in Newtown, Connecticut.

            So the moral of the story is PLEASE leave your assault rifles at 体彩手机在线怎么下载 and stop scaring the shit out of customers – especially Chipotle customers. They don’t need anything else to get the shit out of them – the burritos already do a decent job.

            Current Event Cat of the Day: Mentally Retarded Prisoner

            Too Dumb to Die Prisoner

            A federal appeals court issued a stay Tuesday in the execution of Texas prisoner Robert James Campbell just hours before he was to be put to death, deeming him too dumb to die.

            Robert James Campbell, a convicted rapist and murderer, and his lawyers had been struggling to stop the execution on the grounds that Texas would not disclose the source of the lethal-injection drug to be used. The execution was set to be the first one since Oklahoma botched the lethal injection of a prisoner two weeks ago, so they thought they had a pretty good shot. But the courts didn’t really care… until the issue of mental retardation came up. Turns out they were barking up the wrong tree – they should have been pressing the mental retardation route the whole time!

            With a little more than two hours before he was scheduled to be put to death, the U.S. Court of Appeals decided to give in and put things on hold to review Campbell’s claim that he is mentally disabled.

            The court unanimously agreed that the prisoner is “intellectually disabled…and is, therefore, constitutionally ineligible for the death penalty.”

            “We have been presented with evidence that Campbell, who will soon be executed unless we intervene, may not constitutionally be executed,” wrote Judge James L. Dennis for the unanimous three-judge panel.

            In 2002, the Supreme Court banned the execution of those whom the law refers to as mentally retarded, and has said that an I.Q. of under “approximately 70” indicates retardation. Campbell scored a solid 69.

            I am happy. The Lord prevailed,” from a cell just outside the death chamber in Huntsville.

            Campbell was convicted of capital murder for the 1991 slaying of a Houston bank teller, who was abducted while putting gas into her car, robbed, raped and shot. Pretty high functioning for a “mildly retarded” person…

            Fort Hood Shooting Revelation: The Mentally Ill Should Not Have Guns

            Fort Hood Shooting

            Following the Fort Hood shooting, in which Ivan Lopez, a PTSD riddled Iraq War veteran,, Speaker John Boehner had a startling realization: the mentally ill should not own guns.

            No kidding. Speaking at an event on Capitol Hill, John Boehner announced that mentally ill people should be prevented from buying guns.

            “There’s no question that those with mental health issues should be prevented from owning weapons or being able to purchase weapons,”

            “This issue we need to continue to look at to find a way to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.”

            But didn’t House Republicans kill a bill last year to expand background checks following the Newtown elementary-school massacre? And haven’t Boehner and his fellow House Republicans been constantly resisting the push by Democrats and President Obama to enact stricter gun laws in the wake of other prominent mass shootings, including a 2009 massacre at Fort Hood? The very same Fort Hood?? Meh. I’m sure it’ll be different this time.

            But what prompted the Iraq War veteran to go on a shooting spree then take his own life at the Texas military base on Wednesday? Was it mental illness…. or was it Obama?

            While the soldier’s motive remains unknown, Lopez was undergoing evaluation for PTSD and possibly had a “verbal altercation” with another soldier before opening fire. But ehe Army said a psychiatrist evaluated Specialist Ivan Lopez just last month and .

            So who or what’s to blame for the tragedy? Well, the hosts of the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends wasted no timefor the Fort Hood shooting.

            “There you have our soldiers not being able to arm themselves,” host Elisabeth Hasselbeck opined. “Still, if they have a weapon, they are to register it within five days of purchase, and obtaining it. But then that must be stored away in these lockers so that it cannot be carried on their person, therefore leaving them vulnerable.”

            “Gateway Pundit, which is a way right-leaning blog, what they write this morning is, ‘The Obama administration is responsible for this mass shooting. They witnessed this before, they didn’t learn a thing. Gun-free zones are death zones. It is time to stand up to the lunacy,’” Co-host Steve Doocy chimed in.

            Yep, the only solution to mentally ill people having easy access to guns is giving everybody else even easier access to guns. Want less gun violence? Just get more guns and less Obama! So simple, yet so ineffective.

            Current Event Cat of the Day: Texas Affluenza Brat

            Current Event Cat - Affluenza Brat

            Ethan Couch, the Texas brat who was after killing four people in a car wreck, is finally putting his money where his mouth is. The family of the Texas teen has apparently reached settlements with some of the families of his victims.

            Ethan Couch’s drunk driving case made headlines last year after a defense “expert” claimed Couch was a victim of “affluenza” – the product of wealthy, privileged parents who never set limits for the boy. Poor Ethan was coddled into a sense of irresponsibility, causing the 16-year-old to pop some prescription pills, drink a bunch of alcohol, and then ram his truck into a group of people helping a woman whose car had stopped, killing all four of them and critically inuring his two passengers. If only rich pampered kids could tell right from wrong!

            The judge took pity on the boozed-up brat and gave Couch 10 years’ probation and a treatment program – much less than the 20 years prison Couch could have gotten. If only he was a poor black kid with drug-addicted parents who never taught him right from wrong – then he would definitely be in jail for 20 years. Just kidding, it’s Texas. He would totally have gotten the death penalty.

            Despite a less than satisfactory sentence, Ethan Couch’s family hasto some of his victims’ families in a civil lawsuit. So far, the families of victims Hollie and Shelby Boyles and Breanna Mitchell have finalized their cases against Ethan’s father, Fred Couch, and his company. The Boyleses, along with youth pastor Brian Jennings, 41, stopped along the side of the road to help Mitchell, 24, after she blew out a tire last summer.

            The remaining lawsuits on behalf of Pastor Brian Jennings, who was killed, and Couch’s passengers who were injured are still being worked out. Considering the wealthy Texas tycoons make a reported $10 million per year, the remaining victims are probably looking for a hefty payout – which is great because the less money the Couch family has, the less likely their idiot son will blame his poor choices on affluenza.

            How Many Austin Police Officers Does It Take To Arrest One Jaywalking Jogger?

            Austin Jogger Arrested for Jaywalking

            The answer: four! According to , a 24-year-old female jogger was dragged screaming to a police car in Austin, Texas after being arrested for failing to provide ID while jogging and jaywalking. And the real kicker is she wasn’t even Hispanic!

            Amanda Jo Stephen was out for a jog last Thursday when an officer yelled for her to stop as she crossed the street. With music pumping through her headphones, Amanda didn’t hear the cop and kept on jogging. When the officer caught up with her he grabbed her from behind and asked for identification. When the startled jogger refused to give him her name, the two officers on the scene placed her in handcuffs and called for backup.

            “I didn’t do anything wrong,” she shouted. “I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t f*cking do anything wrong. I just crossed the street.”

            When two additional officers on bicycles arrived, the jogger was promptly arrested and hauled into a police cruiser screaming and crying.

            The incident was caught on video recorded a student at the University of Texas.

            “I was sitting at the Starbucks at 24th and San Antonio,” the student, Chris Quintero, , the student newspaper for the University of Texas-Austin. “Then I hear a cop shout at an innocent girl jogging through West Campus with her headphones on.”

            “She repeatedly pleaded with them, saying that she was just exercising and to let her go,” Quintero continued.

            The Austin Police Department responded to the incident, saying the local police are working on “pedestrian enforcement”, focusing on pedestrian and bike safety. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo was quick to defend his officers and place the blame solely on the uncooperative jogger who, he added, should be thankful she wasn’t sexually assaulted.

            “This officer hears the other officer yelling for someone to ‘stop!’ Immediately starts running after the individual and is yelling at her to stop, ‘Austin Police, stop!’ So now you have two officers yelling at this person,” Chief Acevedo Friday afternoon.

            “Whether or not he grabbed her by behind it doesn’t…it’s not relevant! At some point she knows it’s a cop! The cop asked her a lawful question that she is lawfully required to answer and she didn’t! That’s why she went to jail,” Acevedo continued.

            “And quite frankly she wasn’t charged with resisting. She’s lucky I wasn’t the arresting officer, because I wouldn’t have been as generous.”

            “In other cities there’s cops who are actually committing sexual assaults on duty, so I thank God that this is what passes for a controversy in Austin, Texas,” he added. Wow.

            While the police work on “pedestrian safety”, Austin joggers might want to start working on their endurance – they’ll need it when Chief Acevedo runs them out of town.

            Even Texas Governor Rick Perry is Gay for Marijuana!

            Rick Perry

            Colorado, Washington, and now Texas?? Well, not quite. Governor Rick Perry is making moves toward decriminalizing marijuana use but is still against completely legalizing the drug.

            Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the one-time presidential candidate voiced support for softening penalties for marijuana use and alternate rehab and drug court programs.

            “After 40 years of the war on drugs, I can’t change what happened in the past. What I can do as the governor of the second largest state in the nation is to implement policies that start us toward a decriminalization and keeps people from going to prison and destroying their lives, and that’s what we’ve done over the last decade,” Perry said.

            This marks the first time the governor, a long-time supporter of drug rehabilitation programs, has taken a position on decriminalization in Texas. Perry’s newfound support for decriminalization can be summed up as follow:

            Number One: Decriminalization would help keep small-time stoners out of jail.

            Number Two: Diversionary programs like drug courts in Texas that have had remarkable results in the past.

            Number Three: And… er… there… let’s see… little help Ron Paul?

            , keep in mind that Perry isn’t as pro-pot as you might have hoped.

            While Perry believes “states should be allowed” to decide whether to legalize marijuana, he is personally against it. Perry’s spokeswoman cleared up any confusion, saying the Republican governor still opposes fully legalizing marijuana because of the dangers that have been associated with the drug. Instead he is simply looking for ways to reduce jail time for some nonviolent pot users.

            Perhaps Gov. Perry has been spending some quality time with Sean Hannity. , the Fox News host (who STILL lives in New York) claimed that marijuana is much more dangerous than alcohol because Hannity can drink two beers and get behind the wheel but he can’t handle his pot.

            “Alright, I can drink a beer or two and I don’t really feel anything, right?” Hannity said. “But you can’t smoke a joint and not feel something… If you smoke any marijuana, you’re going to get high.

            Or you just have a high alcohol tolerance from decades of drinking… which would actually explain a lot.


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