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            Tag Archives: Ted Cruz

            A Canadian in the White House? Ted Cruz Announces His Presidential Bid

            Ted Cruz Presidential Bid

            Senator Ted Cruz of Texas for the Republican presidential nomination before a packed auditorium at Liberty University.

            The Republican made it clear to the sea of youthful faces that individual liberty for all Americans* was the key theme of his presidential campaign announcement – although attendance at the speech was for “Liberty” University students.

            * Some restrictions apply. See candidate for details.

            “God’s blessing has been on America from the very beginning of this nation, and I believe God isn’t done with America yet,” . “I believe in you. I believe in the power of millions of courageous conservatives rising up to reignite the promise of America, and that is why today I am announcing that I am running for president of the United States.”

            The rest of the speech covered the typical Tea Party talking points, with Cruz asking listeners to “imagine” an America run by him and his Evangelical Christian values.

            “Imagine a president that finally, finally, finally secures the borders,” he said, and “imagine a simple flat tax,” before inviting the crowd to “imagine abolishing the IRS”.

            Yes, “imagine” an American President who:

            • Denies that humans are contributing to because it snowed in New Hampshire.
            • Wants to recriminalize abortion and shut down Planned Parenthood.
            • Incorrectly that emergency contraception causes abortions.
            • Thinks the possibility of Sharia Law being imposed on America is an in the United States.
            • Supports the teaching of creationism in public schools
            • Calls same-sex marriage
            • Would veto any gun control legislation even if it had the support of 90% of Americans
            • Tries to repeal Obamacare with “When Americans tried it, they discovered they did not like green eggs and ham and they did not like Obamacare either. They did not like Obamacare in a box, with a fox, in a house or with a mouse. It is not working.”

            While Ted Cruz is a great candidate for those who don’t think Rand Paul is quite crazy enough for them, is he to run for president?

            Rafael Eduardo Cruz was born a proud Canadian to an American mother and a Cuban father before moving to the United States at the age of four. Does this mean the beloved birther movement will be reborn?

            The answer is no. Because Cruz was born to at least one American citizen who had spent more than a year in the US, he is considered a natural born American citizen.

            So then why all the birther nonsense when Obama ran for president? Even if he was born in Kenya, his mother was still American, right? Yes, but Obama is back and his middle name is Hussain… so things went a little differently.

            Cruz to the Future with the Ted Cruz Colouring Book… And Other News

            Ted Cruz Colouring Book

            Finally a comic colouring book about a real superhero: Ted Cruz!

            Just in time for Christmas, Really Big Coloring Books, best known for their Islamophobic 9/11 children’s tales, has released a new comic colouring book featuring U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. The colouring book is described as “a non-partisan, fact-driven view of how Texas Sen. Rafael Edward ‘Ted’ Cruz became a U.S. senator and details, through his quotes and public information his ideas for what he believes will help America grow.” It also states that Ted Cruz’s failed stand against the Affordable Care Act “was so important because millions of citizens believe Obama Care is worse than any war. At least American soldiers have weapons with which to defend themselves.” Wait, is this a colouring book for children or a colouring book for illiterate Tea Party members?


            The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far From The Cruz Family Tree

            Rafael and Ted Cruz

            It should really come as no surprise, but Rafael Cuz, the father of Senator and Anti-Obamacare Crusader Ted Cruz, is a little nuts.

            Since his son’s rise to political fame, the Cuban-born evangelical minister Rafael Cruz, has been out and about promoting his son as a “political savior” and spewing other words of wisdom.

            During his son’s Senate campaign last year, Rafael Cruz told a tea party group he thinks President Barack Obama is an “outright Marxist” who “seeks to destroy all concept of God.” He then urged the audience to send him “back to Kenya.” Interesting choice of words coming from an actual Cuban immigrant who actually fought for Communist Fidel Castro in the Cuban Revolution and has a Canadian-born son

            In other clips found of the elder Cruz, he can be seen declaring America a “Christian Nation” and blasting Obama for being on the side of the Muslims.

            Now, everyone gets embarrassed by the crap that their parents say every now and then – but not Ted Cruz. He considers his father a political asset and often cites the Cuban-born Rafael Cruz as an example of the American dream (the LEGAL American dream) when discussing immigration. And Ted Cruz doesn’t just use his father’s story for political gain – he also campaigns with him and lets him speak to tea party and Republican groups in Texas as his replacement.

            Rafael Cruz has now because a Tea Party idol in his own right – and his craziness, extreme conservatism, and Christian fundamentalism show no signs of stopping. Just a few weeks ago he told a gathering of Republicans in Colorado that Obamacare mandates “suicide counseling” for the elderly, and that gay marriage is a plot to make “government your god.”

            This explains a lot about Ted Cruz… I don’t think the apple even left the tree.


            NSA Head to Step Down… And Other News


            The NSA is getting re-branded!

            Army General Keith Alexander will step down after eight years on top of the NSA. The White House downplayed suggestions that Alexander’s decision to retire was because of the damage done to the NSA’s reputation after the Edward Snowden leak fiasco. But there’s nothing like a fresh face to win over the American public! As for Keith Alexander, you can add in a happy retirement note to your next email – he’ll find it.


            Current Event Cat of the Day: Rival Budget Plans

            Current Event Cat - Rival Budgets

            Because no one likes to work together, the two chambers of US Congress have been working separating to put together two rival budget plans to extend the debt limit and reopen the federal government.

            The Democratic-dominated Senate spent all of Canadian Thanksgiving cursing Canada for giving them Ted Cruz and running a negotiation marathon. They are reportedly close to a deal but word on the street / common sense has it that the Republicans won’t be thrilled. The Senate measure would reopen the government through Jan. 15, thereby taking some of the pressure off the debt-ceiling crisis and its Oct 17 deadline. The Senate deal may also make a few concessions on the issue of Obamacare. The Senate proposal would invoke a two-year delay on a per-employee tax paid by companies and labour unions on workers’ healthcare plans.

            “There are productive negotiations going on with the Republican leader,” Speaker Harry Reid said as he opened the Senate Tuesday. “I’m confident we’ll be able to reach a comprehensive agreement this week in time to avert a catastrophic default.”

            However, Obama and the congressional Democrats have made it pretty clear that they are unwilling to negotiate changes to Obamacare… so we’ll see what happens there.

            On the other side of the spectrum, House GOP leaders have crafted their own rival budget plan, which raises also the debt ceiling until January and (big surprise) modifies Obamacare. The counter plan involves suspending a new tax on medical devices used to pay for healthcare subsidies for two years.

            But again, while the Republican’s rival budget plan is a far cry from the original assault on “Obamacare” that Tea Party enthusiasts demanded, Obama may not be willing to make any concessions on Obamacare.

            Breaking Update: Obama just said no. The White House rejected the House’s proposal, labelling it an attempt to appease a small group of conservatives. Obama thought the Senate plan was ok though.

            Luckily, Republicans have a backup plan to their rival budget plan: impeach Obama! At a Monday night Tea Party rally, Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst . Dewhurst, who lost a Senate race to Ted Cruz, strongly believes Obama “should be held accountable for Washington’s failure to secure the border and the gross overreach of the federal government under Obamacare.” There’s only one small problem with this plan: disagreeing with a president’s policies or actions does not mean that they warrant impeachment.

            Via: &


            Current Event Cat of the Day: Government Shutdown

            Current Event Cat - Shutdown

            The U.S. government could shutdown on Tuesday if Congress can’t reach a deal on a temporary spending budget bill, costing more than 700,000 jobs and $200 million a day in the Washington area.

            Looks like Senator Ted Cruz found something that was a bigger job killer than Obamacare: himself.

            The Democrats and Republicans have been going back and forth on this bill – adding funding for Obamacare (Democrats), removing funding for Obamacare (Republicans), reciting children’s books for 21 hours for no reason (Ted Cruz), re-adding funding for Obamacare (Democrats), etc.

            The political bickering isn’t just limited to Democrats vs. Republicans. Fighting has occurred within the Republican party as well, between those who hate Obamacare so much that they’d be willing to shutdown government and those who don’t hate it that much and realize that the economic and political consequences of a Republican-induced shutdown would probably be worse than requiring Americans get health insurance.

            Congress has until midnight tonight to get their sh*t together and pass the temporary spending bill in order to avoid a shutdown and continue funding the federal government’s operations, employees, and services.

            But as of now the ball is in the Senate’s court. At 2pm on Monday, the Senate will take up the House-approved spending bill, which delays implementing Obamacare for another year. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has already vowed to reject the House bill and its new amendments, saying “” and any changes to Obamacare would be a deal-killer. So once again, they’ll take out the anti-Obamacare stuff and send it back to Congress. And this process will continue until the Republicans agree to it or until 12:01am when everything goes black.

            And to make matters worse, the debt ceiling crisis is back and is far more worrisome than some temporary spending bill… but let’s just deal with one government showdown at a time.

            Via: &

            Ted Cruz’s Faux Filibuster Goes On and On and On and On…

            Ted Cruz

            The Republicans (well, mainly Ted Cruz…) are at it again, trying to get rid of Obamacare once and for all. Their motto: if at first you don’t succeed, try again for the 42nd time.

            Senator Ted Cruz is now into the second day of his marathon speech in an attempt to block Obamacare funding. The Texas Republican kept talking though Tuesday night, beating out Rand Paul’s epic 13-hour filibuster in March. Although technically Cruz’s all-nighter Obama health care rant isn’t really a filibuster – Wednesday’s Senate vote is happening whether he likes it or not. So I guess he’s just having a bit of fun grandstanding?

            I intend to speak in support of de-funding Obamacare until I am no longer able to stand,” Cruz, sporting running shoes, said when he began his marathon speech on Tuesday afternoon.

            Cruz has been leading the charge on the effort to defund Obama’s 2010 health care law and is determined to do it even if the entire government shuts down. Congress has until October 1 to pass a temporary budget bill to keep federal agencies running but Cruz is trying to tie de-funding Obamacare to the spending measure. The Democrat-controlled Senate will obviously take it out the defunding health care nonsense but when they send it back to the Republican house, who knows what will happen…

            Well, there are only three things that can happen: The government shuts down because they can’t pass this thing, Obamacare gets defunded and Ted Cruz jizzes is pants, or everyone realizes Ted Cruz is a crazy Tea Bagger and the funding for Obamacare continues. Option 3 is most likely, especially considering many Republicans are already opposed Cruz’s plan and would rather avert a government shutdown than have one blow up in their faces.

            And if they need any extra convincing that Ted Cruz might be a bit of a nutcase, they should just tune into his speech. Cruz started speaking Tuesday at 2:41 p.m and jumped right into comparing President Barack Obama’s health care reform law to slavery during the Civil War and Nazis during World War II. After repeatedly referring to Obamacare as a “jobs killer”, Cruz passed some time quoting Duck Dynasty as well as lyrics by country体彩手机在线怎么下载 singer Toby Keith. Then he moved on to Dr. Seuss, reciting Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate floor.

            Green Eggs and Ham has some applicability, as curious as it may sound, to the Obamcare debate,” Cruz said once he had finished. Americans “did not like green eggs and ham, and they did not like Obamacare either.”

            Hmm. I guess Ted Cruz never finished the book. The story ends with the narrator agreeing to try green eggs and ham, and guess what? He likes green eggs and ham! But Cruz is right about one thing – the story does have some applicability. It shows that Republicans are afraid that once the public actually tries Obamacare and all of the conservative horror stories don’t come true, the public will end up liking Obamacare.


            Ted Cruz Doesn’t Want to be Canadian and Canadians Don’t Want to be Ted Cruz. And Other News…

            Ted Cruz Canadian

            If Obama doesn’t have to be “Kenyan” then Ted Cruz doesn’t have to be Canadian!

            U.S. Senator Ted Cruz said Monday that he will renounce his Canadian citizenship after a newspaper pointed out that he may still be a dual citizen. The Texas Republican and Tea Party favourite said “Nothing against Canada, but I’m an American by birth and as a U.S. Senator, I believe I should be only an American.” Ted Cruz was born in Calgary while his father was stationed there for work and moved back to America at the age of 4. Cruz is desperate to get rid of his “Canadian stigma” in anticipation of the 2016 Republican presidential primary. But considering the crap birthers put Obama through for having a Kenyan father (even though he was born in the US), Ted Cruz might have a bit of a ‘Blame Canada’ situation on his hands.

            Current Event Cat - SafariReagan is off on a safari to see the big cats of Africa (for research purposes obviously…) We will be back FULL TIME September 10th!

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