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            Tag Archives: Immigration

            How Dare 911 Operators Take Calls From Non-English Speakers!

            Fox and Friends NOn-English Speakers 911

            The folks over at Fox & Friends were after they learned that emergency responders were “forced” to serve non-English speakers in life-threatening situations – even if the callers were suspected of entering the country体彩手机在线怎么下载 illegally!

            On Wednesday’s show, the Fox friends began a lighthearted discussion on how undocumented Non-English speaking immigrants in Brooks County, Texas are “bombarding” the police department with 911 calls – which quickly devolved into Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade screaming “No English? No emergency!!”

            “They stumbled across the border illegally and now they need your help!” Fox News host Steve Doocy complained, after hearing a 911 call where a distressed Spanish-speaking male requests emergency assistance for his cousin, whom the man described as “turning purple.”

            “A small Texas town forced to answer 911 from stranded illegals in Spanish!” Doocy exclaimed, apparently giving up all his previously held pro-life values.

            “Not only are they understaffed and lacking resources, now they’ve got to deal with illegal immigrants who have no business being here,” co-host Brian Kilmeade chimed in.

            How Doocy and Kilmeade know that all the Spanish-speaking people in Texas who call 911 are “illegal immigrants who have no business being here” is still unclear. All we know is that they couldn’t possibly be Spanish-speaking Americans with an emergency or tourists trying to get help – because that wouldn’t fit into the Fox & Friends agenda.

            Unfortunately for the Fox duo, Brooks County Chief Deputy Urbino “Benny” Martinez says that his department has a duty to respond to all 911 calls, regardless of language or citizenship.

            “They’re on U.S. soil. Due process comes into play, and that’s the way we’re taking them as,” Martinez said.

            And even worse for the Fox friends, Martinez referred to the influx of migrants as a “humanitarian crisis” (as opposed to some kind of Mexican invasion) and urged a bipartisan dialogue to swiftly address the problem.

            “Forget about the Republican side, forget about the Democratic side. Sit down and have a sincere dialogue where they can actually resolve this issue,” he said. “It has to be resolved. As long as they keep stalling it, it’s going to continue until our funds are depleted.”

            Humanitarian crisis? Bipartisan dialogue? Get this sheriff off the show!

            Maryland Vandals Say No To Illeagles and Yes To Illiteracy

            No Illeagles

            As the debate over what to do with the tens of thousands of unaccompanied undocumented Central American children rages on, folks in Maryland have decided to “NO ILLEAGLES HERE” on a building that was considered as a possible shelter for undocumented immigrant children.

            The Obama administration is standing by its word to send unaccompanied minors back to where they came from, but for some folks in Maryland, it isn’t fast enough.

            Last week the president asked Congress for $3.7 billion in federal funds to deal with the crisis and add more border patrol agents and judges to expedite deportations. And on Monday, the Obama administration sent back an initial wave of undocumented immigrants from Honduras – including children. The immigrants were deported from a U.S. detention center in New Mexico. Soon after they got the boot, 体彩手机在线怎么下载land Security announced that additional migrants will be returned to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador in the coming days and weeks.

            Not good enough for Maryland. After word got out that a building in Westminster, Maryland was being considered as a facility to house some of the immigrant children who illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border in an attempt to flee violence, economic collapse and instability in their 体彩手机在线怎么下载 countries, anti-immigrant vandals emerged, scribbling “No illeagles here. No undocumented Democrats” on the one-story brick building.

            First, the spray paint is probably what’s making eagles sick in the first place. Second, your message to keep Spanish-speaking foreigners out of America might be a little more impactful if you yourself could speak English. Or is that ‘Murican speek?

            Got an Immigrant Problem? Just Dump Them at a Bus Stop!

            Migrants, consisting of mostly women and children, disembark from a U.S. ICE bus at a Greyhound bus station in Phoenix

            Hundreds of undocumented migrants nabbed by the border patrol in Texas have been flown to Arizona and dumped at Greyhound Bus stations in Tucson and Phoenix in the last month. Well, that’s one way to solve temporarily fix ignore America’s immigration problem…

            Texas is quickly replacing Arizona as the busiest sector for illegal border crossings but the Lone Star state doesn’t have the resources to deal with the recent immigrant influx.

            “Because of the recent surge of Central Americans, unaccompanied juveniles, and family groups in south Texas, the border patrol is running out of processing space,” , a Border Patrol spokesman.

            Solution? Drop ‘em off at a bus stop and let Arizona deal with the problem.

            Since Arizona has been illegal immigrant central for the past few years, “the government expended a lot of resources to this area to include detention facilities or processing facilities,” adds Adame.

            Critics of the Arizona bus stop drops accuse the federal government of releasing immigrants into the wild without providing enough basic necessities such as food and water on days that hover around 100 degrees F.

            In a letter to President Obama, Arizona governor Jan Brewer called the situation “another disturbing example of a deliberate failure to enforce border security policies and repair a broken immigration system.”

            Bob Dain, a spokesman for the American Federation for Immigration Reform, agrees.

            “Things have gotten out of hand, Congress needs to step up to the plate and compel this president to start enforcing the law,” he said, blasting the Obama administration. “Otherwise you’ve got more and more surges of people coming in, overwhelming the system, and we’ve got a bureaucratic inability to process them.”

            Despite having more resources than Texas, Arizona is having a tough time handling the immigrant influx, which has been partially fueled by a rumor running through Central America that parents with children would be allowed to stay in the United States indefinitely. Over the weekend, at least, mainly from Central America, who crossed illegally into the United States through Texas were taken to an overrun makeshift emergency shelter in Arizona. I guess the only solution is… a bus stop in New Mexico?

            Illegal Immigration is an Act of Love but Three President Bushes is One Act Too Many… And Other News

            Jeb Bush Act of Love

            Illegal immigration isn’t a felony, it’s an act of love – or at least according to Jeb Bush, the former Republican governor of Florida and brother of famous artist George W Bush.

            Speaking at a 25th anniversary celebration of his father’s presidency, Jeb ruffled a few conservative feathers by saying: “I honestly think that that is a different kind of crime. There should be a price paid, but it shouldn’t rile people up that people are actually coming to this country体彩手机在线怎么下载 to provide for their families… Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony, it’s kind of — it’s an act of love.” Can’t it be both? Bush also said he will decide by the end of the year whether to run for president. While his immigration comments may distance him from the Tea Party crowd, many moderate Republicans are encouraging the former governor to follow in the footsteps of his father and brother. But can the US handle three President Bushes? Al Jazeera

            Ping PingPings present the most promising lead so far in the search for the Boeing 777 that went down in the Indian Ocean in March. On Saturday, a Chinese vessel on the lookout for any suspicious debris detected a pulse that could be coming from the plane’s black box. Then on Sunday two more ships, another Chinese ship and an Australian one, also reported pings. According to Angus Houston, the head of a joint agency co-ordinating the multinational search for Flight MH370, the pings are “a most promising lead” in the month-long search. But what’s less promising is the fact that finding out where the signal is precisely coming from could take several days and the batteries in the black box are expected to expire this week, which means the signal will quit transmitting and no one will ever no what happened. Ever. CTV News

            Fort-Hood-shooting-sparked-by-argument-over-paperwork-witnesses-saidPaperwork can make people angry – angry enough to go on a shooting spree. Witnesses and relatives of the Fort Hood shooting spree victims are saying that alleged shooter Spc. Ivan Lopez—who also shot himself—became frustrated by a simple dispute over paperwork which may have sparked his shooting rampage. Lopez had asked for a leave-of-absence application from a human resources office at Fort Hood and was told to come back the next day. Exasperated, the 34-year-old military truck driver left, but returned moments later with a .45-caliber Smith & Wesson semiautomatic pistol and opened fire on soldiers in his unit before walking outside and indiscriminately shooting at other soldiers. So basically things escalated quickly…. Washington Post

            Cronut ClosureHumans aren’t the only ones who go nuts for cronuts; mice love ’em too! Dominique Ansel Bakery, the New York City shop that’s become the go-to spot for the croissant-and-doughnut hybrid has “a severe mouse infestation.” Health officials had to temporarily shut down the shop on Friday after a customer shot a video of a mouse running around the kitchen and posted it on YouTube. The SoHo bakery will not be allowed to reopen until inspectors determine the mouse problem has been fixed. The bakery hopes to reopen by Monday after a thorough mouse hunt… and perhaps a cat infestation. New York Times

            The Swiss Don’t Care For Immigrants? Colour Me Surprised. And Other News…

            Swiss Immigration Campaign

            There are some things the Swiss like (chocolate, cheese, and watches) and other things they do not like (immigrants, immigrants, and immigrants).

            On Sunday Swiss voters narrowly approved (with a 50.3 percent majority) new limits on immigration. Looks like all those nationalist groups’ campaigns instilling fears of the rising numbers of Muslims in the nation finally paid off. The “mass migration” referendum results mean the country体彩手机在线怎么下载 will impose a cap on its number of foreign immigrants, including those from European Union countries which are getting sketchier by the minute – I mean, Albania is a potential candidate, c’mon! The European Commission was not pleased with the outcome of the vote, which invalidates the Swiss-EU agreement on freedom of movement, and announced it needed to take a closer look at the impact on overall relations between Switzerland and the EU. The Guardian

            Copenhagen GiraffeThe Copenhagen Zoo really wanted to kill that giraffe. Despite receiving an offer of 500,000 euros, a petition with over 20,000 signatures, and offers from other zoos, the Copenhagen Zoo decided to slaughter a healthy giraffe to prevent inbreeding problems. The two-year-old male giraffe, named Marius, was killed upon the recommendation of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, who reasoned that there were already giraffes in the breeding program with similar genes. The decision sparked outrage from everyone who has a heart, but the Zoo didn’t care – the giraffe had to go. With all the outcry, you would think he would at least be put down humanely. Nope. Marius was killed with a bolt pistol and Zoo officials dissected him in front of visitors (including young children) and then fed his carcass to lions and other zoo carnivores. Global News

            Dumb StarbucksI’ll take a double Dumb Frappuccino with extra whip! A Starbucks parody store, Dumb Starbucks, opened Friday in L.A. to massive lines and curious customers. Dumb Starbucks features dumb iced coffee, dumb white chocolate mocha, dumb lattes – basically everything Starbucks offers with the word dumb in front of it. The dumb store looks nearly identical to a typical Starbucks location and serves its coffees in cups that mock the company’s logo. Dumb iced coffees and lattes were handed out free of charge to promote the new business/some kind of weird art project, but customers weren’t impressed with the taste. Descriptions of the coffee ranged from “horrible” to “bitter”. While serving bad overpriced coffee out of a novelty store may seem like a good idea, Dumb Starbucks might be really dumb after all. The real Seattle coffee giant is not too pleased with their opening. “We are evaluating next steps and while we appreciate the humour, they cannot use our name, which is a protected trademark,” spokeswoman Laurel Harper said in an email. Dumb Starbucks insists their store is legal because it is considered parody art, but I’m pretty sure their legal theories are no match for Real Starbucks’ team of lawyers. CTV News

            Migrants Die of Thirst in Niger. Better Than Drowning…?

            Die of Thirst in Niger

            Where are the cool refreshing waters of the Mediterranean when you need them? Just weeks after several migrant boats sank in the Mediterranean drowning the majority of their passengers, dozens of migrants travelling to Algeria from Niger have died of thirst in the Sahara desert after their vehicle broke down.

            Rhissa Feltou, the mayor of Agadez, the main town in northern Niger, said that 35 of the 60 travellers trying to reach Algeria had died of thirst. Travellers counted up to 35 bodies – mostly women and children – but many others have been reported missing. Those who had more camel-like water retention abilities managed to survive and all 19 of them were taken to a nearby Niger town and presumably given water.

            The trouble began when one of the two vehicles headed towards Tamanrassett, an Algerian town in the heart of the Sahara, broke down. The working vehicle emptied its passengers and continued driving with a plan to find some spare parts and return to repair the other vehicle. In the meantime the migrants started to get pretty thirsty so they dispersed into small groups in search of an oasis. Several days of walking around aimlessly later – no oasis. However, five survivors did manage to reach a town and alert the army – but by that time many were already too parched to continue living.

            Poor migrants – they can’t make it by desert and they can’t make it by sea. The question is: is it better for migrants to die of not enough water or too much water? Tricky.



            Current Event Cat of the Day: Migrants Overboard

            Current Event Cat - Swim Migrants

            The Italian coastline strikes again! But this time it wasn’t a cruise liner, it was a boat carrying African migrants – or Europe’s equivalent of illegal Mexicans.

            The boatload of migrants, mostly from Eritrea and Somalia, sank off the southern Italian island of Lampedusa after a fire broke out onboard. The boat was thought to have been carrying about 500 people at the time of the sinking but only 100 or so managed to swim to shore. Of the 100 survivors, only three were women and none were children.

            The death toll is currently around 150 but is expected to rise quite a bit, making the tragedy one of the deadliest migrant shipwrecks in modern history. Soon after the sinking, Italian divers began pulling the bodies out from the water and laying them down along the shoreline.

            It’s horrific, like a cemetery, they are still bringing them out,” Lampedusa Mayor Giusi Nicolini told reporters.

            The route is a popular but perilous one for migrants seeking to reach Europe from Africa. Almost 500 people were reported dead or missing making the crossing from Tunisia to Italy last year and earlier this week, 13 migrants drowned while trying to reach Sicily.

            The boats carrying migrants are often overcrowded and not as seaworthy as one would want them to be. Add that to the fact that no one taught these migrants how to swim and it makes for a pretty deadly journey.

            The question is, is Europe worth it? After coming from Eritrea? Probably.

            Via: &

            Jeb Bush: Immigrants are Fertile… And Other News

            Jeb Bush

            According to Jeb Bush, immigrants are more fertile.

            And Jeb Bush knows firsthand – his wife was born in Mexico. The former Florida Governor said Friday that immigration reform is needed in part because immigrants are “more fertile” than native U.S. citizens, so they can help offset population declines and boost the economy.

            “Immigrants create far more business than native-born Americans,” Jeb Bush said at a Faith and Freedom Coalition conference earlier this week. “Immigrants are more fertile, and they love families, and they have more intact families, and they bring a younger population. Immigrants create an engine of economic prosperity.”

            Someone’s sucking up to Latinos… not sure if complimenting their fertility is the best way to go about it, but whatever.

            Even Mexican Barbie Needs to Carry Documentation

            Mexican Barbie and Passport

            Latinos are up in arms about a new Mexican Barbie that’s more offensive to Mexicans than about his father’s ranch.

            Mexican Barbie, dressed in traditional Mexican attire, comes with a pet Chihuahua and a passport, which she must carry with her at all times to avoid deportation. All that’s missing are some tacos and

            But according to Mexican Barbie, all she wants to do is teach girls “about the culture, traditions and ancestral dress of Mexico.” The doll is described on Mattel’s website as being “dressed for a fabulous fiesta in her vibrant pink dress with ruffles, lace and brightly coloured ribbon accent.” And of course carrying a Chihuahua. It’s just not a fiesta if there’s no Chihuahua.

            But not so fast Latino lovers – Mexican Barbie is just one of many of Mattel’s “Dolls of the World” series. The stereotypes are not just limited to Mexicans. Chinese Barbie comes with a pet panda (really, who keeps a bear as a pet?), Chilean Barbie comes with what appears to be a stray dog, Australian Barbie comes with a koala bear, and French Barbie comes with a baguette. I guess she doesn’t like animals. That b*tch.

            All of the Barbies carry passports and each one wears “an ensemble inspired by the traditional costume and fashion of the country体彩手机在线怎么下载.” But only Mexican Barbie and her passport seem to be stirring up the controversy.

            Still, it’s better than who said things like “Will we ever have enough clothes?” “I love shopping” and “Math class is tough.”

            Mexican Barbie can be yours for . Although you can probably just go down south and grab a migrant worker for less.


            (Dedicated to Michael, who loves Barbies… or Mexicans?)

            All the Barbies

            Nothing Says ‘I Trust Your Judgement’ Like Making Your Own Backup Immigration Plan. Or does it…?

            Obama's Backup Immigration Plan

            The White House has come up with a draft proposal for a backup immigration plan in case lawmakers can’t pull together an immigration overhaul of their own.

            A draft of the backup immigration plan, obtained by , would allow illegal immigrants to become legal permanent residents within eight years, provide more security funding, and require business owners to check the immigration status of new hires within four years.

            Last month, four Republican senators joined forces with four Democratic senators to hash out a comprehensive immigration proposal. The new Obama-led backup immigration plan is being developed alongside the one being drafted by the ‘gang of eight’ senators. However, White House chief of staff Sunday that the president simply wants to “be prepared” in case the group of eight bipartisan senators fails to devise a plan for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

            Although the White House insists the focus “remains on the congressional process” and the proposal is simply in case “the bipartisan process gets bogged down and is not able to produce a bill”, Republicans spent the weekend expressing shock and outrage at the leaked proposal. Enter Marco Rubio, fresh off his water bottle fame, who issued a statement saying the plan would be “dead on arrival” and calling it “a mistake” for the White House to draft a plan without consulting with Republicans in Congress.

            But does the president actually have little faith in bi-partisan efforts? Or…. is this a genius ploy to guarantee the original Senate plan’s passing?

            An Obama-led backup immigration plan could act as a lightening rod of Republican hate, which so far it clearly has. We know Republicans need to gain some Hispanic voters and we know they will never agree with Obama, so this backup plan seems like a great way to kill two birds with one stone. If enough differences can be drawn between the Obama plan and the Senate plan, Republicans can rally around the Senate plan, continuing their hatred for all things Obama while at the same time pushing immigration reform.

            Obviously an Obama driven plan is much less likely to make it through the house than a bipartisan one that originated in the Senate. Even thinks so! So putting out a backup immigration plan to deflect Republican criticism may actually work in favour of bipartisanship consensus, thus making immigration reform a stronger possibility.

            Ahhh the decoy plan…. well played Mr. President, well played.


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