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            Tag Archives: Colorado

            IUDs Are Now Abortions, According to One Colorado Republican

            IUDs Abortion

            A Republican Colorado lawmaker is to continue a family-planning initiative that provides IUDs to lower income women because he believes the birth control method is akin to abortion.

            The Family Planning Initiative pilot program had been funded in 2009 by a $25 million grant from an anonymous donor and had been working so well that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) estimated that it helped reduce teen pregnancies by 40 percent, teen abortions by 35 percent AND resulted in $23 million in savings in Medicaid assistance to women and children. With an extra $5 million from the state’s general fund, the CDPHE projected that the program could save the state $40 million in Medicaid costs in the future. Fewer abortions? Fiscal conservatism? Sounds great, sign me up!

            To keep the program going, a group of bipartisan lawmakers have been trying to push a bill through the Colorado Senate. But they’re running into one big problem: .

            Kevin Lundberg, chair of Colorado’s Senate Health Committee, says that because an IUD in some cases can prevent fertilized eggs from embedding themselves in the uterus, this counts as abortion and thus disqualifies the measure from state funding.

            Typically, an IUD prevents sperm from meeting an egg, and therefore prevents pregnancy. But if the egg and sperm do meet, the IUD keeps that embryo from planting itself in the uterus. Despite the fact that pregnancy begins at the implantation of the fertilized egg, Lundberg believes this crosses the abortion line.

            “The state constitution says no direct or indirect funding from the state shall go towards abortion,” he said.

            And apparently IUDs are the equivalent of abortions, ignoring the fact that IUDs work before pregnancy occurs and Kevin Lundberg has no idea what he’s talking about.

            But if Kevin Lundberg IS right and abortions can happen before pregnancy even occurs, just think of all the abortions that are out there happening right now…

            Can’t get it up? That’s an abortion!

            On your period? That’s an abortion!

            Giving oral sex? Well, that’s just mass cannibalism.

            CNN Reporter Randi Kaye Gets Contact High in Colorado

            Randi Kaye COntact High

            In CNN’s Gone to Pot series, reporter Randi Kaye did some “extensive research” on Colorado’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana and ended up in a bus full of stoners with a contact high.

            And by extensive research, I mean Randi Kaye rode around all day in a limo with some stereotypical stoners in one of Colorado’s newly legal pot tours. But it was all worth it because Kaye was able to bring the viewers some breaking news: being trapped in a confined space with a bunch of stoners smoking weed can give you a contact high.

            After the cannabis tour bus (cannabus?) group started demanding tacos, Kaye’s investigative journalism came to an end and she went on to tell Anderson Cooper all about her contact high.

            “How extensive was your research in the back of that limo?” CNN anchor Anderson Cooper asked from back in the studio.

            “It was top notch, we did very extensive research I have to tell you,” a smiley Kaye says.

            My brain was a little fuzzy by the time I got out of there, I wasn’t thinking right and I couldn’t remember even some of the questions I wanted to ask in the interview, which has never happened to me. And I found things to be really funny, much funnier than I normally do,” she added.

            “But it was just a contact high. I just want to make that clear. Is that correct?” Cooper asked.

            “Yes it was a just a contact high,” she confirmed.

            Skip to 4:30 to see Randi Kaye get a little giggly and Anderson Cooper get a little condescending.



            Current Event Cat of the Day: Colorado Catnip

            Current Event Cat - Colorado Marijuana

            Just in time to numb everyone’s New Year’s hangover, the world’s first state-licensed marijuana industry opened for business yesterday in the state of Colorado.

            The change approved by Colorado voters went into effect with the new year, and roughly two dozen stores in Colorado have already begun selling weed to residents 21 or older.

            Hordes of customers hoping to get Rocky Mountain High braved the cold, snowy weather and lined up outside the various marijuana outlets. Colorado residents can buy up to 1oz (28g) of pot, while those from out of the state can only purchase 0.25oz. And the drugs must be kept within the state’s borders. The Denver airport has already put up signs warning travellers not to smuggle the weed into the rest of the country体彩手机在线怎么下载. The cannabis can also only be smoked on private property with the owner’s permission.

            First Colorado PurchaseSean Azzariti, an Iraq war veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from two tours in Iraq, was the first person to legally buy recreational marijuana in Colorado today. Azzariti, seen in the photo already looking high and somewhat terrified, purchased an eighth of an ounce of pot and some chocolate truffles laced with marijuana for $59.50.

            Azzariti, who has campaigned to legalise marijuana, said the drug helps to ease his symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

            I couldn’t be happier,” he told US media. “It’s a huge stepping stone for other states as well, so it’s a huge honour, to say the least.”

            Colorado has now officially become the first place in the world where marijuana will be regulated from seed to sale. Next up: Washington State… and Uruguay.

            Via: &

            F*ck Obamacare, It’s Time To Get Brosurance!


            Fearing the glitches on healthcare.gov may deter young Americans from signing up for Obamacare, Colorado has come up with a genius marketing ploy: brosurance.

            Colorado’s sign up numbers on the new health care exchanges haven’t exactly been the greatest (only 226 people enrolled the first week – ouch), so the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and ProgressNow Colorado Education have launched a series of web ads in an attempt to boost enrollment. The ads, targeted toward youth, show bros having a good time – while also needing brosurance.

            One ad reads: “Brosurance. Keg stands are crazy. Not having health insurance is crazier. Don’t tap into your beer money to cover those medical bills. We got it covered.”

            Keg Brosurance

            Another brosurance ad features two guys playing golf.

            “Yo Mom, do I got insurance? My girlfriend broke my heart, so me and the bros went golfing,” the text reads. “Then my buddy broke my head. Good thing Mom made sure I got insurance.”

            Golf Brosurance

            Suddenly I want to defund Obamacare…

            While keg stands and heartbreak are two ways of targeting young residents bros in Colorado, but what about Latino families, another demographic that tends to lack health insurance? Colorado’s got that covered too – with Mamacare!

            The Latino targeted ad reads: “Mamacare. As a mom I want what’s best for her. When my baby is sick my first question is what’s my doctor’s number, not can I afford a doctor. I can afford that peace of mind thanks to my health insurance.”


            As for those Coloradans (?) who don’t fall under Brosurance or Mamacare, well they just have to settle for plain old Obamacare. No wonder the enrollment numbers were so low.

            For more information, visit www.doyougotinsurance.com, or just do what I did and scream at your computer screen, “IT SHOULD BE DO YOU HAVE INSURANCE!!! What kind of redneck frat boy Latino family come up with this url?!?!”



            Current Event Cat of the Day: Colorado Flash Flood

            Current Event Cat - Flash Flood

            Hundreds have been evacuated amid a flash flood in Boulder, Colorado.

            The flooding from a fast-moving storm that dumped 7 inches of rain in three hours has managed to kill at least two people and left many stranded. One person was killed in the collapse of a 体彩手机在线怎么下载 while another body was found floating along the water by police on flood patrol in Colorado Springs.

            The streets of Boulder are now rivers and several 体彩手机在线怎么下载s have collapsed in nearby Jamestown. Students at University of Colorado, Boulder, were ordered to leave the school and classes were cancelled on Thursday due to the intense flooding. Flood day! Other residents were also advised to evacuate or “seek higher ground immediately”.

            Flood watch isn’t over yet. The flash flood warning will continue into the evening. Oh and the storm has also triggered mudslides.

            In other Colorado news, on Tuesday two Democratic state senators in Colorado after helping to pass tough gun-control laws. The first-ever recall elections were a reaction to the Democrats’ support for tougher gun laws in the aftermath of last year’s mass shootings in Aurora and Newtown. Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs and Sen. Angela Giron of Pueblo both lost their jobs and were replaced by two gun-loving Republicans. Maybe the storm was their revenge?

            Via: &


            Current Event Cat of the Day: Colorado Avalanche

            Current Event Cat - Colorado Avalanche

            Five snowboarders after triggering a backcountry体彩手机在线怎么下载 avalanche on Colorado’s Loveland Pass.

            Search and rescue crews recovered the bodies several hours after the avalanche struck. A sixth snowboarder was also caught in the slide but managed to dig his way out and call for help.

            Snowboarder Mike Bennett told the Denver Post he dug through hard-packed snow to help free the sixth snowboarder before finding two other snowboarders buried about two feet below the surface. “They were wrapped around each other, below a patch of trees,” he said. Being buried alive by snow sounds like a pretty rough way to go.

            Loveland Pass, an elevation of 11,990 feet, is popular among backcountry体彩手机在线怎么下载 skiers and snowboarders but is known for its dangerous conditions.

            The avalanche was the deadliest Colorado has seen in more than 50 years. According to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, 11 people have died in avalanches in Colorado this winter season. US avalanche deaths average about 24 a year.


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